Successful people build each other up, they motivate, inspire and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame and complain.    Flowers only bloom when they are ready. People are the same way. You cannot rush or force them open, just because you think it's time. Be patient. - Timber Hawkeye    We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein    Success is to be measured, not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles that one has overcome while trying to succeed. - Bookert T. Washington    Be solution driven. Treat the disease, not the symptoms by targeting the source of the problem or issue.    In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins... not through strength, but through persistence. - Buddha    Are you interested in changing, or are you committed to change?

The Law of Attraction & Broadcasting


Magnets can be quite fascinating (attracting some objects and others jump away), as well as the laws of physics involved. The game of change and/or change agent, self-empowerment and psyche management, is like dealing with magnets, some ideas, views or perspectives stick as successful and others are repelled and leap away, others show no influence or reaction at all. What are the factors at play here?… In essence, what is called psychological factors.

Psychological factors being the foundation of successfully dealing with change, NOT written or declared, but the perception and experience of people regarding the example(s) set by you. People do not react to what is declared (said verbally), but the perception that they have of the situation and how you conduct yourself. Personal change and/or being a change agent is magnetic (drawn certain people closer), repellent (push people away) or have no influence at all.

Being a change agent, for yourself and/or other people, is similar to being a radio transmitter, it broadcasts on a particular frequency. Anyone interested in a program being transmitted tunes in to that frequency. As a change agent you are a transmitter, broadcasting the story (intentions, expectations and goals) of what needs to be achieved and how to become self-empowered. You send out a message into the world (workplace, home, family community) regarding the energy (vibe) of the change project, it’s mind set, primary objectives, preferences, likes, dislikes, ability to deal with problems, dealing with change, loyalty to participants, support, …etc. A good way of getting things done, BUT remember that all individuals involved with the change project are also transmitting, either being supportive to or opposing the message as broadcast by you.

Imagine a person want to find an interesting program (e.g. get involved in training). There are hundreds of possibilities to choose from (different training programs transmitting various competency ideas), the person flick through the “channels“, trying to decide which one to listen to. Sometimes the person tune out immediately, now and again one will catch his/her attention, some s/he stayed tuned to, something (not always explainable) about the program (training transmissions) capture his/her attention and s/he remains tuned in. In general, change projects are like that, some people “agree” with the transmission and stick with it, others just do not find any appeal in the transmission and regardless all efforts, they pass the change by and carry on.

Underlying all of this, is that like attracts like. People are drawn (like a moth to a candle) to those transmissions (vibes/magnetic field) that have the vibrations that s/he is looking for. For example… a change project will attract participants based on the “transmissions” it is sending out. Thus, when a change project is sending out “undisciplined and incompetent” transmissions, it will never attract “disciplined and competent” participants. The quality of transmissions will attract participants that like or prefer the transmission being broadcast. Keeping them “tuned in“, is a total different ball game.

When a change project is characterizes by neediness, desperation, depression, greed, unkindness or thoughtlessness. Based on the law of attraction, the change project tends to draw similar inclined participants to the project. However, when a change project is based on qualities such as loyalty, cooperation, kindness, happiness, delight, sharing, generosity or self-empowerment, the change project will attract similar individuals. This is one aspect of human behaviour that is very difficult to explain and to describe in pure scientific terms. BUT it does exists and influence the dynamics (interaction of magnetic fields) within any change project and is definitely a force to be reckon with. Ignoring this force, could sink the best change effort very quickly.

Based on the above you must realize that saying (transmitting) one thing and doing another, do not convince people at all and often develops into an act of desperation, that repels more people than attracting them. People pick-up the desperation on a subtle level and then gradually move away. Similarly, underlying believes attract people that reacts on that believes. for example… When you believe that you are not deserving, you will most likely attract people or situations that mirror that believe, by treating you badly. If you believe (really not just saying it) that you are empowered, often individuals are attracted that needs supported to become self-empowerment in some kind of way. People with an underlying believe that it is not safe to trust others, tends to draw people that is capable of deception.

Thus, when you broadcast a believe, attitude, inclination or intention (verbal message), be very careful of the underlying messages going out simultaneously as well (unconsciously), because most people tend to react more to that “hidden” message (non-verbal and previous experiences) than to the one you broadcast at the moment. Thus, when you attract the people that you do not want or need in your life, remember that you will continue to attract them, unless you change your broadcast.

The law of attraction operates on many levels simultaneously and could never be seen in isolation, due to the magnetic fields and patterns functioning in a company, family, or community. Changing one aspect will inevitably influence another, often resulting in actions and behaviours not expected. Therefore, you must be extremely careful to just change something, because a healthy change in one area may result in a negative reaction (toxic change) in another. Specially when you are unaware of it and do not take the necessary steps or precautions to limit impact or prevent it from happening.

When you are consistently think negative thoughts, you tend to attract negative situations, people and circumstances. The opposite is also true. BUT it must be a genuine believe. When you want to project success, but have an underlying feeling of boredom, or being scared or tired, the underlying feelings (attitude) will counteract the success of the broadcast that you transmit.

You can bluff all people, some of the time, you can bluff some people, all of the time, BUT you can never bluff yourself. When you are not true to yourself (honest, loyal and respectful) you cannot expect to “broadcast” a message to others that they will believe. Thus, when change goals and objectives do not materialize as you anticipated or expect, examine your underlying feelings, reflect about it and change them. Sooner or later you can expect to achieve what you set out to do.

¬†Positive “broadcasts” will attract positive situations, so will negative broadcasts attract negative circumstances. However, sometimes opposite poles will attract each other, but this will have the minimum or no effect (influence) on the person ¬†broadcasting the message. Most of the time, however, positive will repel negative, and negative will repel positive.