Successful people build each other up, they motivate, inspire and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame and complain.    Flowers only bloom when they are ready. People are the same way. You cannot rush or force them open, just because you think it's time. Be patient. - Timber Hawkeye    We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. - Albert Einstein    Success is to be measured, not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles that one has overcome while trying to succeed. - Bookert T. Washington    Be solution driven. Treat the disease, not the symptoms by targeting the source of the problem or issue.    In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins... not through strength, but through persistence. - Buddha    Are you interested in changing, or are you committed to change?
Apr 162014

Maintaining your motivation to address and sustain change, can often be increased by purposefully arouse certain emotions, by “looking” openly and honestly at your own gloomy predicted future. Thus, purposefully “feed” your feelings of discontent with your present circumstances. When you consistently experience feelings of discontent, it may propel you “to keep your change project going” in a more efficient and productive manner, and with much less frustrations or irritations.

For example… when you are angry at yourself for being disorganized (e.g. always misplacing or losing things) or unskilled (e.g. cannot secure employment), it may provide you with enough motivation to successfully overcome the avoidance and consideration stages of change, become committed to your change project and take the necessary actions… NOW!

As you determinedly work through the different steps of change with dedication, you are most likely to increase your motivation to change when you read about, monitor, evaluate and measure…

  • the problem(s) or issue(s) accompanying change,
  • set specific goals and objectives, or calibrate it when necessary,
  • think about the possible causes of the problem or issue,
  • wonder what methods, techniques or strategies will help to overcome the issue or problem,
  • develop and refine an adequate change strategy,
  • ponder about how good you will feel about yourself when you successfully deal with change and
  • consider how bad you will feel, if you didn’t cope with change.

…all of the above aspects would most likely add to your intrinsic motivation to efficiently sustain your change project and “see it through” to the end.

Thus, continually keep an open mind, seek, collect information and support or guidance from other people. Be really clear about your reasons for dealing with change. And also consider the reasons for NOT dealing with change, very carefully. Because, when you are not absolutely convinced that your change management (self-empowerment and/or psyche management) project, is the right thing to do, you will most likely slip back into your old habits… especially when the going gets really tough and/or pressures in your environment start to mount.